Hard Working Joe Now Advising The Forklift Center

For many years large companies have at times have not considered the opinions of their main customers, the average American who has to use their products on a daily basis. National Forklift Company has finally addressed this shortcoming by asking a Hard Working Joe to become a consultant for their company. By asking for this man’s opinion on many important development steps any and all changes will reflect changes that users would want in the forklifts that they use every day.

It is hoped that this man will help to bridge the divide between the engineers who design the new forklifts and the warehouse workers who have to use the machines they develop. This divide has led to many jokes that an engineer can develop the newest technology and find the most complicated way to use it. When an engineer is able to find out how a machine is used on a daily basis it can provide a lot more information that an engineer who has rarely used a forklift would know. That way mechanical design knowledge can be combined with knowledge of application will provide all future forklift drivers with the most intuitive controls on all new forklifts that National Forklift Company will produce in the future.

National Forklift Company hopes that with this new addition to their company will bring about a boost in both forklift rentals and sales. By providing forklifts that will be easier for drivers to use more companies will be eager to train their employees on how to drive these useful machines. With more companies using forklifts they will be able to store more of their products and customers will not have to wait for products to be delivered to them. As more employees gain skills as forklift drivers they will be provided with skills that are needed in every warehouse.